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sports specific

Bench Press, Barbell, Feet Flat


Do you have a goal to compete in a specific event or improve your strength, power, speed or agility within your chosen sport?


Or perhaps you are in need of some rehabilitation to get you back into the sport you love?


Why Sports Specific Training?

Ignite PT believes that the majority of injuries occur due to a muscular weakness in the chain. In 2017 one in six Australians suffered from back pain and it is estimated that 70 -90% of people will suffer low back pain at some time in their lives. Rotator cuff injury is another common injury in sport and everyday life, usually stemming from weakness and neglect. 

This service is not targeted to improve your skill of the sport itself but as an accessory to help you perform better. Ensuring you spend time in the weight room strengthening your weaknesses makes you a more competitive athlete and helps prevent injuries before they occur. 

As this is a fully customised service please contact us via email to find out more information.

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