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8wk women's


reset to recomp


25th April 2022

With body transformation coach Leigh & Go-To Girls' Coach Sheridan

reset your health     recomp your body

Fruits and Vegetables

Delicious recipes & challenging workouts specific to your goals

Personalised nutrition with

1-on-1 accountability & support

Transform your health &

physique with industry experts

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Your 8wk Challenge incorporates 2 important phases to achieve both hormonal happiness and body composition change. This is what sets this challenge apart from the rest - phase 1 supports your internal health & well-being and phase 2 supports your aesthetic and strength goals.

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In phase 2 of your program, you are able to choose your goal of either weight-loss or muscle building. Your coaches will guide you through the blueprint to achieve your chosen goal with fun and challenging workouts (home or gym based) and personalised nutrition.

We start with phase 1, the Reset, where you will be coached through 2 weeks of Sheridan's signature "Reset" program. The tried and tested protocol to shake yourself out of unfavourable habits and welcome a version of yourself that is reset and in control!

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Join our community of women on the same path, in our Private Facebook group. Benefit from connection and share your wins with your fellow challengers.

Then it's time to lock & load phase 2, where you will be coached through 6 weeks of a results driven "Recomp" program. You will receive a goal specific nutrition and training protocol designed by renowned composition coach, Leigh McKinnon. Learn lifelong skills to create long-term body change.

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Receive expert advice from industry leaders, Sheridan and Leigh via consultations, check-ins and educational resources. Check out testimonials and transformations by Leigh here & Sheridan here





Get your entire dual-phase program for


Launch price
ends 17th April


Payment plan through Direct Debit is also available

Leigh Testimonials


This man knows his stuff! And I’m not just talking about the ‘on the gym floor’ PT bread and butter - Leigh’s holistic approach to training sets his clients up for long term success no matter what their goals may be! Our PT sessions are certainly challenging but also fun - I look forward to my sessions every week!

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Phase 1 Reset consultation with Sheridan (via zoom) before the challenge starts where we cover everything to do with your health & how to start strong


Reset nutrition & lifestyle protocol (inc educational ebook & delish recipes)

Phase 2 questionnaire for Leigh to determine your

personalised Recomp protocol

Your own goal-orientated macro's and eating plan

Membership for Cronometer Gold

Choice of either fatloss, muscle building or strength

based gym program OR at home workout program

with minimal equipment

All workout programs come with video demo's and

technique breakdowns of each movement

Weekly check-ins via online correspondence from

weeks 3-8

Private challenge Facebook group with Lives from

your coaches




Heather - 36yrs

The Reset program was excellent for kick starting a more healthy and balanced lifestyle. The recipes were great, very easy to follow and delicious. Sheridan really knows her stuff and offered more specific advice to me throughout the program. This really helped me to make more informed decisions about my food and exercise regime as well as balancing my approach to, well, life!...get on board

Image by Lily Banse

The Ignite Women's 8wk Challenge is a 100% online, dual-phase program coached by

The Go-To Girls' Coach, Sheridan and Body Transformation coach, Leigh.

We have designed this program to incorporate 2 of the most effective strategies when it comes to both internal health and aesthetics.


Our aim is to transform you from the inside, out.


So how do we do that exactly?


There are two main features to your program that sets us apart from the rest

Phase 1: Reset

Reset; transient verb: "to set again or anew"

This phase is about stripping back to basics to lay down strong foundations by using Functional Nutrition principles. This 2 week phase is called the "Reset" (aka. the "palette cleanse"). Your nutrition requires some necessary restriction to help rid the body of niggling digestive issues, inflammation, cravings and blood sugar irregularities. It will help you with your cognition and sleep, and impress upon you how powerful proper recovery, nutrition, movement, mindset and detox choices are.

Phase 2: Recomp

Recomposition; verb: "the action of forming something again, or differently"

This phase embodies goal-focused nutrition and training. This 6 week phase will have you learning the ins and outs of fueling and training appropriately for your goal. You will receive a gold membership for Cronometer to track your nutrition, and we, as your coaches, will keep you accountable with check-ins to guide and adjust accordingly.

Sheridan's testimonials
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