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personal training


Personal training is currently conducted out of World Gym Townsville with Coach Leigh McKinnon.


Leigh has a decade of experience in the fitness industry helping many perform at their highest level in both bodybuilding and powerlifting.


He has helped many improve their strength, agility and fitness in their sports including rugby league, cycling, running, dancing, martial arts, boxing and tennis. 

Why Face to Face Personal Training?

Investing in personal training sessions is the best way to ensure you are executing exercises correctly. The best training program in the world is not going to get you the results you seek long term without first learning the movement foundations.

If you have already built good technique on most of your movements perhaps it’s time to add to your toolbox and learn some new skills.

Training can become quite monotonous and boring after performing the same type of movements or the same tempo, sets and reps etc. This is when people lose interest in their training and fall off the wagon.

Ignite PT can show you how to manipulate tempo, to train with intent and how to perform many different intensity techniques to ‘shock up’ your muscles when it comes to hypertrophy training. 


Learn how to master technique on the big compound lifts to take your strength to another level. How to optimally setup for your body type and mobility in these big lifts can make the world of difference when it comes to getting stronger and more importantly preventing an injury. 

Intensity and technique are always going to be better under the watchful eye of a good coach ensuring you are getting the most out of every repetition you perform! 


Styles of training we specialise in

Strength (and powerlifting)











Mobility and dynamic movement 



How much does Face to Face Personal Training Cost?


30 Minutes |  Face to Face


45 Minutes |  Face to Face


60 Minutes |  Face to Face


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