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Leigh McKinnon


  • Cert IV Personal Trainer – Human Performance Centre


  • Boxing instructor – Human Performance Centre


  • Advanced Nutrition I – Human Performance Centre


  • Advanced Nutrition II – Human Performance Centre


  • Power lifting Coach level 1 – Power lifting Australia


  • Sebastian Oreb Strength Training System - Level 2 strength coach


  • Bioprint Practitioner - Charles Poliquin


  • INutrition Pro Level 2 coach - Clean Health Performance Centre

Personal Achievements

Leigh competed in amateur bodybuilding in 2012 and 2014 winning 1st place and 2nd place at regional shows in Townsville. 


He competed in amateur powerlifting competitions with his best squat 200kg, bench press 135kg and deadlift 232.5kg weighing 83kg. 


In 2020 Leigh received the news his elbow is badly arthritic and the joint is wrecked which lead him to set some personal goals outside of the gym.


In 2020 Leigh swam solo from Magnetic Island to Townsville (8km) and also rode his bike solo from Townsville to Cairns (350km). 


Leigh continues his love of training with a variety of both gym and outdoor fitness and loves to help others become better versions of themselves under his decade of coaching experience. 

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