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This service is for anybody that has a health and fitness goal and a desire to improve. If you are wanting to get stronger, leaner or faster, wanting to improve your agility or flexibility or just generally be able to run around after your kids without puffing out! You will learn a ton of new skills with all things training related and how to best manage your precious time to get faster sustainable results.

What’s involved in the Ignite Training Coaching service?

Step 1

You will be emailed out an online questionnaire to gather personal information about your lifestyle and goals.

Step 2

60min online initial consultation to discuss in further detail our short and long term goals and strategies to achieve these goals. We dive deeper into your past and present training experience. We discuss what time of day you will be training and/or doing cardio or other exercise and why. We discuss what equipment you have available to you to determine the best exercise selection for your new training plan. The purpose of this initial consultation is to paint the entire picture of your current situation and to educate you on how we are going to move forward towards your goals.

Step 3

30m online consultation upon delivering of your training plan. Including explanation of exercise selection and education around warm up’s and mobility, sets, reps, tempo, rest periods, recovery etc. The purpose of this second consultation is to make sure you are clear and comfortable with your new training plan.

You will be emailed a link to the Trainerize training app in which your new training program will be all set out with video's filmed by myself as well as informative descriptions and all the info you need about your plan!

Training Plan

These are designed in 5 week blocks. Each Mesocycle has a specific goal focus and designed personally with exercises that suit your body type and align with your goals. The training program will likely have some or all of the following styles of training and this may vary in each mesocycle:








We use progressive overload to ensure we are improving in the 5 week blocks whilst perfecting the movement patterns. After the 5 weeks you will be designed a new training program and the exercise selection will again depend on our goal for the next cycle. 





Mobility and dynamic movement 




Step 4

20 min 1 week follow up call review to discuss your progress.

Step 5

Follow Up

20 min 2 week follow up call review to discuss your progress.

Step 6

After completion of 3 week initial block we switch to online correspondence check in every 2 weeks to review progress and implement any necessary changes to your plan. Details of check in requirements will be sent out to you at same time as your initial plan. Training programs typically run for 5 - 6 week blocks unless sports specific and new plans are sent out a week before the current one is due to finish. Changes will only be made to a plan earlier than 5 - 6 weeks for reasons such as injury or broken equipment etc.

How much does Ignite Training Coaching Service Cost?


Initial 3 Week Block (all inclusive)


Ongoing Coaching Fee via Direct Debit

$45.00 a week

This Includes:

60min consultation #1

Personalised training program

30min consultation #2 to explain your program

Personalised training programs written up every 5 weeks


Your access to the training app and the extensive exercise library

The ability to send videos of exercise for critique and feedback.  (Please allow 1 day response time for this)

20min follow-up calls after week 1 and week 2

Fortnightly online correspondence check-ins


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