Thinking of competing? Ignite PT has helped many clients to stage success in many different federations and divisions. Competing is a challenging and rewarding process and will be sure to teach you something about yourself that you didn’t know before.


It will teach you the utmost discipline and how to bring your very best version of your physique to the stage!


Before deciding to compete it is important that you consider the below recommendations:

Things to Consider before starting Competition Prep:

  • Have you been training long enough to be competitive in the field that you want to compete in?
    Building muscle takes time and consistency, ensuring you have dedicated to a long enough muscle growth phase is important before starting a competition prep phase. 

  • Choosing a federation, a division and a competition date. Is it a realistic time frame?
     Competition dieting phases can start from as far as 25 weeks out from show date depending on the individual. 

  • What does your calendar year look like? 
    Are there business trips away, weddings, events, holidays etc that will make it hard for you to be compliant? This can effect your result massively if you are unable to control the variables. There is always next year!


  • Do you have a good relationship with food?
    If not then don’t consider competition prep until this is sorted. Dieting phases can be long and sometimes restrictive. ️The ability to follow a nutrition plan compliantly and track your food is vital. Before staring a prep you must first demonstrate that you can follow a plan well and be coherent. 

  • Do you have a good support network?
    Those you surround yourself with will effect your progress. Comp prep is hard, it is very handy to have supportive people in your corner.

  • Do you have a high stress job or are you required to work a lot of hours?
    Comp prep takes a lot of your time in both the gym and the kitchen and you still need to be able to perform at the workplace when you are in a calorie deficit. 

  • Do you have a good work ethic and love for training?
    Imagine being tired and hungry with low energy levels and still trying to improve/maintain your strength. This can be very challenging but also rewarding!

If after considering the above you are keen to know more then read on! 

Otherwise we recommend starting with our coaching service to set the foundations required for competition prep!

What's involved in the Ignite PT Competition Prep Service?

Step 1

You will be sent out an online questionnaire to gather extensive lifestyle information and to complete short and longer term goal setting.

Step 2

You will have an account setup on Chronometer Professional (nutrition app). Before we recommend any dietary advice we like you to complete a 2 day food diary on here. 

Step 3

The initial consultation is conducted at World Gym Townsville for those that are local. This meeting goes for approximately 90 minutes. We conduct initial measurements including skinfolds (Bioprint), health markers, girth’s and photo’s. If you are online you will need to arrange someone to do these measurements for you. 

We then discuss your competition goals and a realistic time frame of how to best achieve these goals. We will discuss and advise on the best shows and divisions for you to compete in. We also discuss stress management and the Autonomic nervous system, recovery protocols and about the best type of training and exercises that are going to suit you best in the initial phases. 


And of course we talk about nutrition!

We discuss macro and micro nutrients and how to track these on the software.


Wholefoods vs flexible/processed foods and strategies on how to manage these ratios. 


Food preparation and recommendations on where to buy the most quality meat and produce. 


Energy expenditure including how to work out baseline calories, surplus, deficit pathways etc. 







Step 4


After the initial consultation the next step is to have a personalised training program and a nutrition plan designed for you.

Nutrition Plan

This is done through Chronometer professional where we have the ability to monitor more than just macronutrients. We ensure you hit your micros and minerals such as: 

Vitamins A - K. 

Mineral panel e.g. sodium/potassium ratio, magnesium, iron, calcium etc. 







Step 6

Training Plan

These are designed in 5 week blocks. Each Mesocycle has a specific goal focus and designed personally with exercises that suit your body type and align with your goals. The training program will likely have some or all of the following styles of training and this may vary in each mesocycle:








We use progressive overload to ensure we are improving in the 5 week blocks whilst perfecting the movement patterns. After the 5 weeks you will be designed a new training program and the exercise selection will again depend on our goal for the next cycle. 





Mobility and dynamic movement 



Step 5

The Best Part!

You will receive a login to the extensive online exercise library with hundreds of videos and descriptions of the exercises you will find in your programs! This is a game changer! 

You will be given a fortnightly check in time. This is a 30 minute block where we conduct our routine measurements and assessments and implement any changes necessary to the plan. If online, all measurements will need to be sent through weekly and we consult over the phone or via email/messenger. You will also be required to submit your weight and some other data on the odd weeks in between check in’s to ensure we are on track. 


How much does Ignite Competition Prep Cost?

Initial Consultation and Setup Fee


Ongoing Coaching Fee

$70.00 a week


This Includes:

Your subscription on the nutrition app and full ongoing nutrition support.


Personalised training programs written up every 5 weeks.


Your login for the extensive online exercise library. 


The ability to send videos of exercise for critique and feedback.  (Please allow 1 day response time for this)


Your 30 min consultation check in every fortnight. Plus weekly correspondence via email/messenger check ins on the odd weeks outside scheduled consult time. 

Detailed Peak week plans for the week(s) leading up to your competition(s). 

Full 24/7 access to your coach via email/messenger with anything related to the prep.

(Please allow 1 day response time to any questions/queries.)

Other Considerations:

  • Show Day
    Depending on the competition location your coach may or may not be able to attend in person. However all Townsville local shows will be attended by your coach and you will have full support on your competition day. This includes help with pumping up and posing practice on the day. 

  • Posing and Presentation
    ️Posing and presentation practice is not included and will have to be arranged separately. Ignite PT may or may not be able to help with this depending on availability and also what federation and category you chose to compete in. 

  • Beauty and Clothing
    ️Hair, makeup, bikini’s, posing trunks. Ignite PT will advise on this
    and the best places to arrange. 

  • Reverse Dieting


Post competition you will have continued full support with your reverse diet and training. This still may require weekly correspondence.