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This service is for anybody that has a health goal and a desire to improve and for those who need more support in the kitchen. Learn how to eat for your body type and your goals and how to still eat the foods you like to eat! learn how to nourish yourself to perform at the highest level of self. 

What’s involved in the Ignite Nutrition Coaching service?

Step 1

You will be emailed out an online questionnaire to gather personal information about your lifestyle and goals.

Step 2

60min online initial consultation to discuss in further detail our short and long term goals and strategies to achieve these goals. We dive deeper into your past and current relationship with food. We discuss what foods you like and dislike as well as education around food selection and meal timings including pre and post workout. The purpose of this initial consultation is to paint the entire picture of your current situation and to educate you on how we are going to move forward towards your goals.

Step 3

45m online consultation to deliver your macro plan with an example eating day. We will go over your plan as to why certain foods are selected and educate you on how to make appropriate changes of food sources to your plan. You will also be emailed an info guide to help with suitable choices to swap foods in and out of your plan which detail things like micro nutrient value and fast or sustained release carbohydrates etc. The purpose of this second consultation is to make sure you are clear and comfortable with your new eating plan.

What we will cover

We discuss macro and micro nutrients and how to track these on the software.


Wholefoods vs flexible/processed foods and strategies on how to manage these ratios. 


Food preparation and recommendations on where to buy the most quality meat and produce. 


Energy expenditure including how to work out baseline calories, surplus, deficit pathways etc. 







Nutrition Plan

This is done through My Fitness Pal where we have the ability to monitor more than just macronutrients. We ensure you hit your micros and minerals such as: 

Vitamins A - K. 

Mineral panel e.g. sodium/potassium ratio, magnesium, iron, calcium etc. 








Step 4

20 min follow up call after week 1 to review and discuss your progress.

Step 5

Follow up

20 min follow up call after week 2 to review and discuss your progress.

Step 6

After completion of 3 week initial block we switch to online correspondence check in every 2 weeks to review and implement any necessary changes to your plan. Details of check in requirements will be sent out to you at same time as your initial plan.

How much does the Ignite PT Nutrition Coaching service cost?


Initial 3 Week Block (all inclusive)


Ongoing Coaching Fee via Direct Debit

$50.00 a week

This Includes:

60min consultation #1

Your personalised nutrition plan


45min consultation #2

A subscription to the nutrition app and full ongoing nutrition support

Ongoing periodised nutrition programming

20min follow-up calls after week 1 and week 2

Fortnightly online correspondence check-ins

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